TDK wall – July 2013

Posted on 20 Lug ’13

IMG_7906 IMG_7870 IMG_7914   1080872_10151835038462049_781258163_n copy1079440_10151835039472049_670088850_n IMG_7926 IMG_7948  1080638_10151835041102049_24429801_n copy IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1345 IMG_1332 Asker_TDK_07-2013 IMG_1342IMG_1353 TDK-raptuz-haste-shine-weik-asker-gatto-sklero-erics_07-2013

Artists from left to right: Raptuz, Haste (Los Angeles), Zero, Shine, Weik, Asker, Max Gatto, Sklero, Bedo, Erics

Cologno Monzese, MI, 20/07/2013

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