Gruppo Green Power video mapping

Posted on 19 Nov ’12

Video mapping realizzato per inaugurare la nuova sede di Gruppo Green Power, azienda leader nel settore delle energie rinnovabili.

Video mapping realized  for inauguration of new Gruppo Green Power‘s head office.
Gruppo Green Power is a leader company in a renewable energy field.

Producition: Original Asker

Client: Gruppo Green Power
Venice, Italy, 2012.

What Others Are Saying

  1. miahsix 19 Nov ’12 at 12:21

    WOW!!! I absolutely love 3D mapping and you did an outstanding job. Great work!

    • Asker 19 Nov ’12 at 12:47

      Thanks a lot!

  2. Brase183 20 Nov ’12 at 19:48

    Awesome….sick work. Haven’t had the opportunity to even try projection mapping, but I really dig it. Nice job.

    • Asker 21 Nov ’12 at 20:17

      Hi, you’re a talented motion graphic designer, I’m sure that when you’ll work on a video mapping, you’ll make a cool job!

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