Posted on 8 Lug ’11

“Monokrome” book publishing.
UK, 2011.

MONOKROME è finalmente arrivato!

Disegni in bianco e nero, inchiostro e tecniche miste per una serie di lavori dei migliori writer mondiali tra cui:

  • Scritto da un pioniere del writing UK: Robert Whitelock ‘CUTE’
  • 224 pagine di graffiti in bianco e nero
  • Prefazione del veterano HUSH of ‘FED THE NONSENSE’ crew

Ordinate la vostra copia!

“MONOKROME brings together writers from all four corners of the globe, with different styles, different views and different periods of time spent in graffiti. It creates an arena that is compelling for the veteran graffiti writer, the newcomer and the outsider alike.

World leading artists like INKFETISH, SYSTEM, INKIE, KOFIE, UK old school master REMI/ROUGH, Canada’s BETA of the prolific Crazy Apes crew, 3D virtuoso ASKER from Italy and Australia’s character king, ITCH, along with lesser known but terrifyingly good artists like LIK from Russia, SEKTR from the United States and IGASM from Australia – all these artists will tell you a bit about themselves, their lives and their artistic goals in the book. You’ll learn what drives Chicago’s infamous freight train writer DENZ on to bigger and better work, what keeps amazing character artist NASH turning out burners and what motivates UK 3D wizard HUSH to stay in the game after 25 years of blood, paint and tears.

But mostly you’ll see in MONOKROME what you don’t normally see: the work that happens before it gets to the wall, the work that builds upon what went before it, the work that bridges the gap between the old and the new.

And all in black and white…”

  • Compiled and written by old school UK writer Robert ‘CUTE’ Whitelock
  • Beautiful graphic design by Aaron Munday at 12 Orchards
  • Casebound limited edition with cover design by character supremo ITCH
  • Amazing blackbook work from 31 featured artists and interviews with all of them
  • 224 pages of black and white graffiti designs
  • Foreward by old school veteran HUSH of ‘FED THE NONSENSE’ crew
  • Soundbites section, featuring the talents of a mixture of worldwide artists with many different styles, and quotes from a handful of writers

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